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3 thoughts on “TIN TỔNG HỢP – 11/27/2019 – JOE BIDEN và HUNTER BIDEN SẼ BỊ ĐIỀU TRA”

  • Get that son of the bitch he is spoil rats, the drugs addict, is the crooks the top corruption in America!! Arrest these traitors Daddy & Son Joe Biden + Hunter Biden the corrupted of USA. So President Trump was right in asking to investigate them. Hunter Biden has those eyes because he’s still smoking crack & he’s hoping these interviews will save him from going to prison where he belongs. He sounds as dumb as dad… Like father like son. Body language tells you, his leaning on his hand means he needs something to hold him up, back him up. He is lying. God forbid Joe Biden becomes President!!  it's like having Hillary as President!! or Pelosi!  crooked as they come!

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