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In this video I will answer a very common question of which video editor is better, Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro X? Which is better for you, and which one should you use if you are a beginner looking to start.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

Potential Pros- Compatibility with entire Creative Cloud, wider Industry use, extensive features and effects, lumetri color etc.

Potential Cons – Price, learning curve, certain workflows and spec cases

Final Cut Pro X:

Potential Pros – Optimized for Mac users, Friendly UI and media organization, One time Price cost, certain unique features and workflows

Potential Cons – lack of certain features and capabilities, possible lesser usage in team based workplaces, no integration with other popular apps like photoshop and after effects

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45 thoughts on “Adobe Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro X: Which is the BEST Video Editing Software 2018?”

  • Great intro vid for comparing my man, and is helpin me a lot. Just wondering, do you feel one has a "must-have" feature or option that maybe the other doesnt have? Im kinda lookin for a deal breaker for one vs the other i guess, lol. (im a n00b for both), thanks bro, JB

  • xImBeaST12321x says:

    sony vegas stopped being sony vegas like 4 years ago. It is not owned by sony anymore but now by a company named Magix
    Its just called Vegas Pro

  • zachary lord-rule says:

    It's important to remember Apple does make Motion and Pixelmator, which are essentially After Effects and Photoshop equivalents respectively (Pixelmator also has a few functions that are similar to Illustrator, but it's most comparable to Photoshop). However, despite this none of the Apple programs hold a candle to the functionality of the Adobe Suite.

  • Sandy Schupper says:

    Good intentions but did not (aside from economics) get into advantages of one over the other. That's what I was/am looking for.

  • Abdulaziz Alghamdi says:

    Justin I need to meet you bro!!!! Where are you? We are very very lookalike I need to show you my picture 😂💔💔 I really can’t believe it 👀

  • If you have not used FXCP extensively, how can you make a comparison video like this? I wasted 10min of my life hearing you blabbering about something you don't know.

  • The Adobe creative cloud experience isn't exclusive to the Adobe side.
    Apple's FinalCut, Apple Motion, and Soundtrack pro are some examples of a "one family" program list.
    I agree with your reasoning though. It makes a lot of sense to expand upon your background skill-set. I myself took classes in apple Motion and FinalCut at age 14, and now in my 20's, I've really mastered FinalCut and the apple program family.

    Now, If only my software wasn't FROM when I was 14, I could edit actual HD video… XD
    Until I save up for FinalCut ProX, a powerful enough computer, and a new camera, I'm stuck using like, DaVinci Resolve. 🙁

  • Affinity Photo and Designer are pretty good alternatives for photoshop and illustrator and costs only 50 bucks. I was a Premiere editor and i gladly switched to FCPX. What a breeze and how faster i'm editing now. I never go back.

  • Delightful Vegans says:

    I've been using both for quite a few projects lately and I am gravitating toward premiere pro simply because it has better editing tools I feel. Render times, I actually can't see much of a difference strangely enough but even if there was a big difference, I'd rather enjoy the editing experience more than the render time. I'm testing out Davinci resolve for editing at the moment and it is a lot better than final cut pro in my experience though it might not sway me away from Premiere in the end.

  • How are you going to inform people which one is the "BEST" if you only used one of the two. A for effort and your other vids are great but you should have left this video to someone else as it is not informative for beginners. Just my feedback, regards,

  • FCPX is better for a lone editor just doing personal projects. The one time payment makes much more sense for an individual.

    If you are a professional editing company and need more features and have the budget to pay the monthly fee, maybe Adobe is better.

    FCPX is just fine for my needs. I don't even use most of the features but think the entire process is very smooth and organized with its file organization and such. It makes editing seem user friendly but if you need to do more you can learn as you go.

    I think FCPX is an intermediate editing program with some more advanced features. Adobe is an advanced editor with more features than your average editor needs.

    FCPX is better for the general public and most YouTube content providers, but Adobe is for the professionals and industry crowd.

  • I really like the ease of use in FCPX. I plan to export my edit into Premiere to do further editing. After Effects if I need further effects

  • A few years ago I used Final Cut because it was "industry standard" and because back then Premiere was very unstable. After Final Cut made the "terrible" change I started using Premiere and haven't looked back to Final Cut. And the industry is also embracing Premiere some more.

  • FCP,  Motion 5 + Pixelmator. For the vast majority of non-pro Mac editors these three combined will do most stuff, and provide the best for your buck.

  • 13$/mo for the basic photography plan.
    25$/mo for 1 program.
    65$/mo for all programs.

    Yeah, I'll go crack some adobe products and come back…

  • i've used premiere pro on my macbook for about a few weeks now and i already can't take it. playback speed is choppy and skips frames once i reach a clip that has effects placed on it. it makes dragging and trimming videos together laggy as hell so to avoid the lag i kinda just blindly put clips together since i cant see what they are. i'm gonna switch to fcpx soon but i know switching between fcpx and after effects might be tricky considering my editing style and my inexperience :/

  • Nelly Chanelle Films says:

    The only reason I’m even watching this is because I use After effects and I’m getting tired of exporting in fcpx . Bt I love fcpx

  • Great content, man. I'm a premiere pro editor, so I know it's ideal for me to work on a PC since the software seems to be better optimized for them. But I'm just sick and tired of having to deal with crappy build quality, shit customer service, and laughable longevity of products. I reaaaally want to get a Mac and have it last 5-6 years like most people, and have that peace of mind of the Apple store there to help me out whenever I need them to…. buuuuuuuut I've heard some pretty bad things about optimization when it comes to Premiere Pro and Mac OS.


    How is your machine holding up with your workflow…?

  • Great vids! Thanks man for helping all of us – doing much better videos! Look at my channel i do have some cool edited clips! Thanks Man! Best regards EDITZ.4U

  • Michael De Lazzer says:

    Justin, have you heard of Media Composer? It's the industry leading video editing app and is conspicuously missing from your best software comparison, and would have to be in the list for "topmost contenders." Just sayin.

  • Shagun Damadia says:

    Hey Justin,this is Shagun(you know me).I am getting a massive problem.I usually record screen using Camtasia Studio. I record full screen (1600*900) and I render it in 720p. We usually say 720p is HD. But unfortunately the quality is really bad.I tried using other screen recorders but 720p is really bad. While i render in 1600*900,it takes really long time and a big file size.I need help Justin,please reply.


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