Three editing programs, one video. The ultimate video editor comparison. Filmora Pro vs Premiere Pro vs Hitfilm. What are the differences between these video editors? What are the similarities? Which video editor is best for beginners? In this week’s video, me and my friend Trevor Kessler discuss these questions. Watch this video whether you’re researching editing programs or you’re just curious. Hopefully you find it informative either way. Enjoy!


Thanks to Trevor Kessler for shooting this video with me!

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21 thoughts on “Filmora Pro vs Premiere Pro vs Hitfilm: Ultimate Review!”

  • Anthony Koonce says:

    Be sure to check out Trevor's YouTube channel for some awesome VFX work! 👉

  • The Current Christian says:

    Thanks for this you guys! I may go with Filmora mainly because of the price isn't subscription based.
    Also, I like that there are built in animations, transitions, etc. in the program. Premiere Pro doesn't have as many of these things included.

    I'd also like to include that you guys did great in this video! You've got over 1k subs so I know you know it's good
    😂 but you just got a new sub

  • Great video. I’m stuck actually. I’m new sort. Of. Been using apps and LumaFusion. CyberLink laptop. Thinking about filmora 9. But would like to advance to short films

  • Loading Studios says:

    So with my Filmora, if I right click on a segment it takes like a full minute for the box to come up. Or if I click on anything for that matter it takes like a full minute before I can do anything with it.

  • {PFG} Professor Frankly Gaming says:

    I use hitfilm. In the past. I just don't edited. It feels good to edit my videos. But the bad side is it takes time.

  • mybeautyplace says:

    I paid the Filmora program yesterday and working in a video, let me export the file when I try to fix something the next day ask for buy the program again or will be with a watermark, I try to communicate but is a robot, no answer, I uninstall the program from my computer and install again, try that but was a sign " the program was frizz because several people working with the same program" ????
    I am buying software for more than 20 years this never happens to me. This company has doesn't support is a robot.
    I require a FULL REFUND

  • One of the biggest issues with hitfilm express is the newer versions I keep on getting OpenGL crashes and its EXTREMELY slow to render. It's extremely annoying, also plugins work with hitfilm express.

  • When i so beigenner i haven`t idea about how cut also , i start with filmora ( not 9 , older ) really teaching me everything right now i`m pro in filmora at all , but now i want more powerful and feature , so there nothing better than Premiere Pro i confirm that , I`m pro with both now ,
    same here with photoshop i start with gimp when i`m pro switched to adobe photoshop cc and also nothing better then adobe photoshop .
    so final teach yourself by free apps when you learned go ahead with adobe team

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