After doing a video showing render times on various laptops running Premiere, I think we need to discuss what happens when you use FCPX instead of Premiere. So here’s a quick Final Cut Pro X vs Premiere video for anyone curious.


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41 thoughts on “Final Cut Pro X vs Adobe Premiere: Best Editing Software?”

  • Alexander Gulinov says:

    I think Premiere Pro is much professional than Final Cut Pro, but Final Cut Pro is better for speed , but good only for short , easily video..not for huge post production

  • Thanks a million!!! I watched countless videos to finally have this one explain the difference without centering it around meaningless benchmarks! You have solved my dilemma!

  • just recently started using fcp and im finding it difficult to find specific features that were available to me in pp .. maybe thats just because i havent found them yet though

  • Aurora Kruger - English says:

    This video was very informative you just gained a subscriber:) Although Im still not sure witch one to go for, it did help me understand more in depth how they both work! Hopefully i can make up my mind soon, i have to better the quality for my youtube videos! lol

  • Having used neither, I would choose Premiere because of its built in Lumetri color tool, and the option to edit 4k using proxy files. And the FWIW department, the Coen brothers now personally edit their feature films on Premiere.

  • The life of Jools says:

    Just download the cracked copies of each one… and pick which you prefer 😂 … then when you hit the big time, you can purchase the software…. I think that's pretty reasonable…

  • Which one does the job of editing youtube video faster? (I'm comfy in tech and used Adobe family for years, but I wondering willll Final Cut help me to edit videos faster)

  • Syed Ahmed Hashmi says:

    I'm a newbie for editing, and was wondering what's best for someone who is starting out in editing? If I want fcpx, would I have to invest 2 Gs$ just to have fcpx, or could I go straight to premiere pro(I have a good pc 48gb mem, 500gb sdd)

  • I just moved from Sony Vegas on PC to Final Cut Pro X on my new iMac and I feel like I never edited anything before!!! Its alllllll neewwww…. Nothing similar!!!!

  • A lot of people mention that it runs faster simply because it's Apple software for Apple hardware. Now this is true, however it leaves out one other major piece of pro software: Davinci Resolve. Resolve generally runs as well as FCPX on OSX. The real issue here isn't so much Apple, but Adobe's sub-par optimization for OSX, and to a further extent AMD GPUs. This is easily provable by running Windows in bootcamp then doing the same test, the Windows test should be faster than the OSX test on an Apple laptop. Adobe is the real culprit here.

  • Connor Dickson says:

    Render times aren’t everything it’s how u edit on it, I edit some short films as well as my YouTube videos and I much prefer FCPX, I edit much better than I did on premiere i work so much faster on FCPX and the render times were faster n my computer then premiere. That’s just my point of view though.

  • The Last Baron says:

    Question: If I want to stick with apple and fcpx for 4k video editing, what would be the minimum system requirements? Hope someone can help. Cheers

  • Daisy the Corgi! says:

    Great vid. Thank you. One peice advice.. At the end of every sentence you trail off lowering your voice. This makes it hard to hear and understand… Thanks again and keep up good work!

  • I'm switching to FCPX simply because I want to be more mobile (currently using Premiere on custom desktop) but my 2015 MacBook Pro 15" can't even handle Premiere….. it's completely unusable lol

  • I loved this video. Have you tried to compare FCPX on any mac device to premiere or vegas on an equally priced gaming PC? please let me know the result.

  • kyle Wilkinson says:

    I am editing a feature doc on premiere and assistant editing a feature doc on FCPX right now. This is my first time using FCPX, but I have been using it every day for about 2 months. I absolutely hate editing the feature on FCPX but definitely see the advantages it has if you are a youtuber or blogger. I feel like FCPX is great for one way editing, but after you start dealing with 100 hours of footage then forget about it, premiere is the way to go. So, like he said, there is no best editor, just a best editor for the specific task. Also, if you are an editor that does more than just quick videos and you are using a computer with a decent graphics card you should not worry about render times, just focus on the editing environment and what you want to use for your workflow. That being said, if you use anything other than a laptop you can build a 1500 dollar PC that will completely destroy any mac in render times and speed.

  • Stanislav Kozliakovsky says:

    so fanboys who shoot their diner for youtube-will use fcx
    those who are pros and doing business with video editing-will use Premiere

  • I use a 2009 iMac with Final Cut and it handles 4K footage with no problems. I've never used anything else but I haven't had the need to.

  • I have both. I use fcp x more tho. But if I didn't have color finale pro it would be slam dunk premiere pro. I just do things quicker in final cut.

    There are short cuts to disable magnetic.

  • Piotr Wyszyński says:

    No it's not that apple makes hardware. It sure helps but all alternatives to Adobe products works faster. Capture One handles big files much better then Lightroom. The same story is with Affinity Photos vs Adobe Photoshop. The case is that Adobe sucks in optimization.

  • Christian Santiago says:

    I can't stand using premier. User experience and functionality matter. You hit it on the head. Fcpx just gets out of your way and is more intuitive.

    There are just certain things that are much faster in fcpx that take multiple clicks and steps to do in premier.

    When it comes to editing, all I care about is how my actions and choices affect the story, and the more I can focus on that and less on the nuts and bolts, the happier I'll be.

    I'll admit FCPXs built in color tools are lacking. But they're more than enough for simple projects. Anything more complicated can be done in Color finale, which is an awesome plugin.

    And on that note, the plugin market for fcpx is a gold mine of assets that add so many creative possibilities to the program.

    And of course at only 300 dollars. (400 if you buy color finale) investment, its way cheaper than premier and you won't be a slave to a subscription.

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