ClashBot 7.8.2 Premium Vip
Prezzo Bot: 5€

(Specificare la vostra email durante il pagamento per ricevere il BOT )

Release 7.8.2 Contains:
-Fixed bot attacking incorrectly
-Fixed auto-wall upgrading amount

Release 7.8.1 Contains:
-Added Hours of operation to Misc Tab
-Added Return home every x bases to Misc Tab
-Added Preferred resolution for when you exit the bot to Misc tab
-Added option to keep x builders free to Buildings/Upgrades tab
-Custom check for clan donation request timeout on Clan tab
-Better TH7 and TH8 town hall detection
-Bot ends battle faster after earning a star when Trophy Pushing
-Trophy Push mode now only displays relevant information (not resources) in log
-Troop training button is only held in until barracks is full
-Added definitions for Hidden Tesla
-Improved wall definitions
-Remove debug view of upgrade button
-Double check wall level/price before performing upgrade (thanks to TheM3ch@nic)
-Bot only waits 5 seconds for match now
-Reading number improvements (should help building upgrades)
-Improved town hall definitions (less false positives, better left/right performance)
-When trophy push is active, heroes are always activated just before ending battle to regain health
-Donation improved so bot doesn’t miss donate buttons
-Do not check for defense levels if base doesn’t meet loot requirements
-Version number system changed; should now display correctly in title bar and log
-Fixed exception during barracks training phase
-Fixed clicking on certain wall pieces
-Fixed bug where game would get itself stuck in Matchmaking (thanks dirtydog)
-Fixed minor bug that could cause bot to get hung up at Matchmaking screen
-Fixed potential bug when zooming out
-Fixed infinite tries on donate button when conditions aren’t met (thanks to Itz_FrOs)
-Fixed game hook timing issue
-Fixed detection of ‘Please rate our app’
-Fixed detection of dark barracks
-Fixed town hall detection on the left and right side of the screen
-Fixed bug where Hours of Operation would stop bot even when it wasn’t checked
-Training units should never spend gems now

Features VIPs Get:
-Advanced/Prioritized VIP Support Section
-Custom Building Upgrades
-Wall Upgrading
-Barracks boost, Dark Barracks Boost, King Altar Boost, Queen -Altar Boost
-Avoid Strong Bases To Increase Loot Per Hour
-Trophy Pushing
-Trophy Dropping
-Troop Requesting
-Smart Troop Donating
-Force Attack
-Re-Arming Traps/Xbow/Inferno
-Automatic Chat Messages (Advertising in Global)
-Use Queen, King and Clan-Troops in combat
-Custom kickout wait time
-Reduce BlueStacks useage and speed up your computer
-PushBullet Mobile Notifications
-Save Loot Images
-Save Attack Analysis Images
-Notifications upon finding a base
-Auto-Update Check

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