What’s the best video editing software? It doesn’t exist, it’s simply about what’s best for you. You decide.

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Thanks for being here. I know your time is valuable, so I’ll keep it short. I own a company called 4LC Studios. I do video production (weddings, commercial, and anything else that grabs our attention). This youtube channel and everything I post is about the journey. I love sharing what I’m learning, how I’m growing, and how I’m failing. I hope you’ll follow my journey and be a part of the conversation.

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26 thoughts on “Final Cut X vs Adobe Premiere CC vs Davinci Resolve 14 – The Final Debate”

  • Hi Scott,
    A quick question, were you using the same platform(PC) for all these three Software?
    I saw your system is Macintosh so i guess you installed all these on Macintosh.

    I am thinking about buying a new PC/iMac but wonderin if running Premiere or DaVinci on Macintosh is as good as FCPX…in case I case my mind.


  • THEDDTinc. NEW says:

    Davinci is the easiest to me,, but I still need to buy the full version. Its expensive.. cant really use it all the way..

  • Jeca Martinez Art says:

    This is the video I didn't know I needed! I've also been so frustrated by the render times in Premiere (I edit timelapse videos and speed up hours of footage 3000%, so I'd have to let me laptop sit and render for HOURS before I can even edit the videos). Tried out Final Cut's free trial, LOVED the speed of it, but the whole magnetic thing does get frustrated (I also edit like you, moving clips around, setting them aside on the timeline so I can come back to them later, etc). I think I'm gonna have to try out that proxy editing you mentioned for Premiere! Hopefully it helps (that, or I could just export my sped-up clips through iMovie, and then import them on Premiere to skip the slow rendering time)

  • horia valentin says:

    Does anyone arround here edits weddings in Davinci? I'm new to Resolve and I try to switch from premiere, I think it suites better for my needs, but one thing that's bugged me was how to work with different framerates? How is your workflow in this case? anyone can help one some piece of advice? Thanks!

  • Gray Matters says:

    Premiere for control, FCPX for speed. When I switched to FCPX, I started saving 40% of my time. I don't work on films. I work in corporate America, where speed helps you keep your job. For the kind of work I do, I have an entirely different set of frustrations with Final Cut. I'm frustrated with the lack of round-tripping to its animation program, Motion. I actually love Motion. It's a surprisingly powerful program for $49 one time, forever. But this workflow of doing everything with templates is just too limiting, and I quite often get unexpected results. I actually hate its template system. By the way, I love the magnetic timeline. The beauty of it is that you can use it where it makes sense, but not use it, by piling clips on top as secondary storylines, when that makes sense. I find it to be an incredibly versatile and fast way to work. By the way, my work actually got better, as well as faster, as a result of using FCPX. Collaboration has not been an issue for me. FCPX allows me to be fast enough so I can do it all without help.

  • “This is the last video that I’ll be making on this topic!”
    This review is as clear as the Android vs iPhones reviews.
    One is efficient and simple to use, and the Android is for the geeks that want to experiment and waste beauty sleep to tinker tinker little star… ; sometimes illegitimately.
    iPhones take great picks and vids. Effortlessly …
    And Android is a beast ! Like the tiger.

  • Adobe's subscription model is a major hurdle. Support smaller software companies like Black Magic Design before Adobe becomes the only player in the industry. Because then they will charge you as much as they like…

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