Beastmaster is a polarising hero who tends to do snowball if the early game goes well and really struggles if he loses the lane. Let’s look at a game between EG and NaVi to see how Ramzes wins the lane with his Beastmaster and how EG turn their early lead into a quick victory.

Game from the group stage of ONE Dota 2 Singapore World Pro Invitational.

Match ID: 5159162318.

EG played a second game of Beastmaster at the event, winning in similarly dominating fashion.


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5 thoughts on “How Ramzes' Beastmaster Ends Games Early | DotA 2 Beastmaster Guide”

  • Jon Gunnarsson says:

    I haven't forgot about the video on Chen in the late game that I promised. I haven't found a particularly suitable replay yet and I'm open to suggestions. So many supports among the pro scene are great at playing the early game, but don't seem to understand how to adapt when you can't run at people with centaurs any more. Can someone please get N0tail and Puppey back to playing Chen?

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