!!!! READ THIS !!!! This is a newer method that does not use uTikDownloadHelper or Wii U USB Helper for downloading Wii U games as these methods may not always work. Instead we are going to have to find and download Wii U games manually.

————– DOWNLOADS ————

You should only download and install backups of Wii U games that you already own! This method shown here is for a Wii U running 5.5.3 firmware.

Everything you need for this hack
Homebrew Launcher v1.4
WUP Installer v1.3
is included in this one package.

Download them all at once from here –


I really like this method as it’s not invasive to the Wii U meaning your not installing any hacked files to the Wii U. Your Wii U remains clean!

UPDATE!! If you would like you can replace the website with

click on Exploit or one of the numbers.
or this one

These are alternatives in case your having problems.

Other steps to get the Exploit working if your still having trouble:

Open WiiU Browser, Clear Savedata
Reopen Browser try again

Restart Wii U

Check your SD card, try another SD card

If your device is on firmware versions 5.5.2 or 5.5.4, open the
browser curtains. This improves the success rate of the 5.5.2 /
5.5.4 browser exploit.

Nguồn: https://habblezhotel.net/

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