Drama: Liar Game
Revised romanization: Laieo Geim
Hangul: 라이어 게임
Genre : Mystery, thriller
Release date : 2014-Oct-20 to 2014-Nov-25
Episode : 12
Note :
This drama is based on the Japanese seinen manga “Liar Game” by Shinobu Kaitani, which was published by Shueisha from 2005.
This Korean series is drama adaptation of the manga following the Japanese television drama LIAR GAME, starring Matsuda Shota and Toda Erika

Cast :
Lee Sang Yoon as Ha Woo Jin
Kim So Eun as Nam Da Jung
Shin Sung Rok as Kang Do Young
Synopsis :
Various contestants take part in a game show with a prize of 10 billion won. The contestants who can cheat the otehrs wins the prize. Contestants include genius swindler Cha Woo-Jin (Lee Sang-Yoon) and naive college student Nam Da-Jung (Kim So-Eun).

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