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* Tank League is a game genre style defensive battle tanks on the battlefield or extreme housing protection for Android models. Players participating in the game will be transformed into a brilliant military general, your mission is to use the tank with high destruction power to engage in battle for survival, two sides fighting until the target will Removal is the main enemy is winning. Game challenging and requires a high tactics, you need to adapt well to each display screen play for each game is a new tactical battlefield.

* The highlight of the game Tank League:

– Featuring a tank defensive category.
– Graphics classic but attractive enough.
– Multiple battlefield need you to conquer.
– System upgrade tanks and diversity.
– The phase of intense fighting between the two sides.
– Capacity lightweight, supports multiple cameras.

* Requirements and information Games:

– Support for installation on models running Android 2.2 and above.
– Shared version: 1.0.14.
– File size: 20 MB.
– Version Tank League game was his unlimited diamonds hack [Unlimited Gems].
– Google Play (original link) :
– Game play does not need an Internet connection.


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