42 thoughts on “Thief Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD] – First 90 Minutes! – No Commentary – Thief 4 Walkthrough”

  • Студия КвС says:

    Aye, folks, wanna hear something funny? This game was my first Thief game. It was too hi-res for my old PC, so I was playing with really low quality settings and still with very low framerate. Nevertheless, I've beat the game. Then, I've got Thief Gold… Since then, after beating Thief Gold and Metal Age, I hate Thief 4. I HATE it. Old Dark engine allowed me to do almost impossible stunts to stay out of lights or get to the safety, while Unreal Engine 3, with all those full immersion features like Garret's hands slowly palpating the window frame (with OPAQUE glasses, dafuq?), gives you much less agility and too script-attached acrobatics. And I haven't even started talking about ruined lore, zombies replaced with some sucked-out-of-a-finger shits, really nerfed arrows… And BLOODY FOCUS, WHAT THE HELL?!! WHY?! First Splinter Cell, then Thief, and then Hitman Absolution! Whoever made this feature, must be some n00b!

  • i've played this game before. it's a shame how your character keeps getting detected. my characters stealth along with using my arrows and attacks, i mean that is why you have the weapons in the game. use them. my goodness.

  • Wizard Scramble says:

    it's a shame this game didnt sales well otherwise we can get a good sequel.
    this game for me is the first game with an actual stealth that is good, REALLY GOOD. i like everything about this game despite its flaws and i believe its not really what the dev intent to, maybe they have limited budget or deadline.
    but the game still enjoyable with it flaws around the game, I JUST WANT A SEQUEL OF THIS GAME SO BAD.

  • I have a feeling the blue book gave him and the girl powers there gonna fight at the end I think this is gonna happen is this is cliche no offence if you love the game

  • TheLordShinnok says:

    I looked online can't find the documents I got 206 out of d 215 second playthrough is there documents missing from the game?

  • David Dragan says:

    You should rename them to "Playthroughs". A "Walkthrough"is a video where you show the viewer a stept by step guide on how to win the game and get the achievements. A "Playthorugh" is a video that shares with the viewer your experience. You are not trying to show them how to get every single item, how not to die, how to kill the boss from the 1st try, you are showing us the way you played the game, how you failed, how you succeded. And usually a walkthrough has cuts, so you will never see the "GameOver" screen, only how he got everything and how he succeded from the 1st try.

    But besides the name, everything is great! I loved the game but my PC sucks so I have to delight myself with these videos. Glad there are people like you on YT, that don't talk nonesense and let us watch a quiet gameplay. Please keep this channel going, you are doing a fantastic job 🙂

  • June Severeth says:

    The sound dissappears at 1:17:09 and then comes back at 1:18:43.
    Of course, it's no big deal, just telling, maybe it helps you in some way later.

  • omgcandy16Kimicari0 says:

    It's amazing how within the first 30 seconds the game completely destroys the themes established by the previous games.

  • Well, you forgot to check the Wall in the place at the 10:30 minute of video, cause in front of the door (that you enter) under the Picture in the Wall has a secret slide wall and opens a safe with 2 jewels ( you never see it)

  • PurpleAddict2019 says:

    You should have gone downstairs to get the second mask because the one you found was the fake one. If I had this game I'd search every square inch of the place for valuables

  • The only thing i didn't like was that the creators was trying to make us feel bad for Erin but ended up making us annoyed with erin even more.

  • dieanosis100 says:

    Up until the point where he got caught in this vid, did I realize he sucked. When he got caught, he acted like he didn't know where to go for the most part of it, trying to sneak back into the shadows when the guy obviously had a torch, and got hit by the arrows as if walking into them. 

  • you need to be a more thorough with your walkthroughs, you didnt pick the cash register in the jewelry store and missed some jewels too 

  • PyramidHead138 says:

    when that guard was talking about the mask through the window, how could garrett hear him from where HE was standing?

  • The graphics here barley improved. I know it's not the most important thing, but after 10 years you'd expect something more impressive than that. 

  • Donteros Terrowyn says:

    God dammit, why does every game has to have a sidekick these days?

    I rather have a crazy loner of a lunatic talking to himself than have some annoying bastard stalking me around and stealing my spotlight and thunder by doing even less that what I'm doing.

  • PurpleAddict2019 says:

    I like the music at the part where you throw the bottles and you're seen by the guard dog. It's my kind of music.

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