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We recently helped a client whose account was suspended because he received an inauthentic complaint. He had no invoices.

When we first received this case, our client had already completed and submitted his own appeals to Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon kept requesting greater detail for the root cause and corrective and preventative measures.

A plan of action is typically made up of three parts:

1 – Root Cause: the problem that Amazon wants you to identify.
2 – Immediate Remedy: measures immediately taken to make the customer happy.
3 – Systemic Changes to Your Business: identifies the long term changes being made to prevent future issues.

We spoke with our client and came up with a game plan; we decided that although we could not provide any invoices, we would file an appeal and state where he was sourcing his products from. We stated that we were unable to keep the invoices from our purchases. We further explained that our client had read up on Amazon policies, and in the future would retain and provide invoices. We also stated that moving forward, our client would be an FBA user, therefore Amazon could really check and verify that his products were authentic.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This is a practice whereby an Amazon seller’s inventory is stored in and shipped from an Amazon warehouse facility. When Amazon handles your inventory, shipping, and returns, they are able to keep the majority of customer service in their hands.

After stressing these points in our plan of action, our client’s account was reinstated.

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